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Why the End of Summer is the Best Time to Buy a Fireplace or Stove


We are nearing the end of summer and most people start thinking about buying a fireplace now, when the nights start getting chilly and the days get shorter.

But did you know that the best time to buy a fireplace is actually in the summer?

Crazy, we know! However, there are several great reasons why summer is the best time to purchase a new fireplace or stove.

Any serious and respectable fireplace salesperson will tell you that the best summer months to purchase a fireplace or stove are August and September, and here's why:


1. Inventory Availability

Timing and store inventory, as you may have guessed, both play an important role. That’s because even the largest and best-stocked fireplace centers may not have the exact fireplace insert or gas stove you need in stock. And when those retailers place your order with their distributor or supplier, it can take anywhere from four to six weeks for your order to arrive.

That’s not a big deal during the middle of summer, when there is no need to use a fireplace in your home. But if you wait to place your order after the cold weather has already arrived, you’re likely going to find yourself disappointed—and probably pretty cold—while you wait weeks for your order to be trucked in from halfway across the country and then delivered to your home.

A fireplace or stove is an important purchase for your home, whether you're renovating, about to move into a new home, or just want to upgrade one of the rooms in your house. You want to make sure that the style fits perfectly with your needs, decor, and vibe. If you wait until everyone else is looking to purchase a fireplace, your options may be limited. You don't want to get stuck with your second, third, forth or even fifth choice - or worse, have to wait until next season to purchase your top choice.

Be the first in line and purchase early to get the fireplace or stove of your dreams!

2. Summertime Specials

During the summer months, people aren't typically thinking about purchasing a fireplace - again, this usually starts to happen around the time chilly nights sneak in. So because there is low demand, online and offline fireplace and stove retailers' business drops. In order to get business, they offer summer sales.

3. Technician Availability

If you are unable to put your fireplace or stove together or are unable to install it (depending on what type you purchase), you may need a fireplace and stove expert to do that work for you.

In the summer months, technicians are more readily available than they are during the fall and winter months as demand goes way up during the cold season. You want to stay ahead of the rush and get your fireplace or stove purchased and installed (if you need help) before the fall and winter rush.


We have a wide selection of electric and ethanol fireplaces as well as gas, wood and pellet stoves. We have something for everyone. If you can't find what you want, contact us and we'll help you find it! 

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